Youth Expressing Life Using
Spoken Word And Poetry



YELUSWAP is a youth poetry festival created to serve Florida residents ages 13-18 that use creative writing (poetry, spoken word, rap, stories, etc.) for creativity, healing and outward expression. The festival will run from August 1-3, 2019, in Downtown Orlando and celebrate youth teams from across the state of Florida. Festival participants will convene for three days of workshops, team building, community service and poetry slams (competitive poetry) in amazing spaces across the city of Orlando that celebrate diversity and inclusivity of our local culture and culminate in a final event to crown the winning team of the poetry slam.

There will be workshops for students, teachers, community leaders and parents to attend and a town hall and call to action as the festival comes to an end. Our theme this year is “How Can I Help You?” This is the narrative we want to instill in our youth during the festival and have them contribute to their respective religious, educational and social communities. Workshop facilitators will lead meaningful conversations around assets like wanting to contribute to the greater good, critical thinking and creative problem solving, self-efficacy, and leadership. Our festival objectives, outcomes, and measurements are aligned for success on this path. and beyond.

YELUSWAP is a chance to give our youth citizenship to an authentic community of creative and compassionate peers that, as a community, will become our future leaders and world changers.
Blu Bailey
Festival Director